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05/25/2011: Retiring EasyEclipse... or passing it on ?

There hasn't been much activity from our side on EasyEclipse. In some ways the work of EasyEclipse is now superceeded by the work on distribution that Eclipse itself has been doing; although there are still quite a lot of downloads, which may mean that EasyEclipse is still competitive ! In any case, we (the nexB team) do not have the time to maintain EasyEclipse anymore. So we are officially thinking of retiring EasyEclipse - making it officially inactive - in the next few months, unless, unless... we find some people interested by maintaining it ? Please contact us if you are interested !

04/07/2009: Pre-release based on Eclipse 3.4

Today we are releasing the first EasyEclipse distribution based on Eclipse 3.4. It is not integrated to the website yet, but you can already downloading directly. As usual, you will find the Windows, MacOSs and Linux versions. Happy download !

02/14/2008: Bug fix release of all 1.3.1 distros, and added Python and Perl support

I've re-released all the distros (now because of a configuration bug (not a blocker, no need to upgrade if you have already 1.3.1), and added the Python distro, as well as the PyDev for Python, and the EPIC plugin for Perl.

02/04/2008: Upgrade to 3.3.1, more plugins and distros

More distros are now available for Eclipse 3.3 (EasyEclipse 1.3), and all have been upgraded to Eclipse 3.3.1: Expert Java, Desktop Java , Plugins and RCP Apps, Mobile Java and EasyEclipse for C and C++.

09/13/2007: Mylyn plugins upgraded to 1.3.0

The two Mylyn (formerly Mylar) plugins: Eclipse Mylyn and Subclipse Mylyn connector have been released for EasyEclipse 1.3.0. Mylyn is a great connector to tracking systems (Trac, Bugzilla, ...) as well as an incredibly slick UI for managing tasks in a big project.

09/05/2007: CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) for 1.3.0 officially released

Actually, it had been already released on sourceforge... but now it's actually tested and (better) documented.

09/04/2007: Bug fix release of Subclipse; two more plugins upgraded to EasyEclipse 1.3: AJDT and BIRT

Subclipse had a maintainance release, because of a serious bug in the previous release, so we re-released it for 1.3 (1.2 version is unchanged). We also upgraded AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) and the Reporting Tools Designer (BIRT).

08/31/2007: Two more plugins in EasyEclipse 1.3: EclipseNSIS and Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher

I'm on a roll this week ! Two more plugins upgraded for EasyEclipse 1.3 today: EclipseNSIS and Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher. It gave me the occasion to play a little with them, and they are really, really, great plugins: very simple to use, very stable, really helping you understand the underlying technology... EclipseNSIS really makes it a snap to create installers on Windows, and Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher makes it very easy to develop for Tomcat. Both are worth a try if you haven't already.

08/30/2007: Bug fix release of most EasyEclipse 1.2 distros, and upgrade of Ruby/Rails plugin and distros

We have fixed some issues with adding plugins (including this issue with Eclipse Tools), and re-released most distros in release 1.2.2. While at it, we've upgraded the Ruby and RadRails plugins as well as the LAMP and Ruby on Rails distros that contains them.

08/28/2007: Upgrade of the RCP Delta Pack, and the Plugin distro 1.3

Today we have an updated RCP Delta Pack and launchers for 1.3 (based on 3.3), to workaround a Platform bug. EasyEclipse for Plugins and RCP Apps 1.3 has also been updated.

08/22/2007: Upgrade of the Plugin distro

We have re-released the EasyEclipse Plugin Warrior 1.3.0 which had a problem on MacOS. While we were at it, we renamed it to the more meaningful name of EasyEclipse for Plugins and RCP Apps.

Also, we added a new plugin: Eclipse Examples, some examples for RCP and plugin development.

07/07/2007: First release with Eclipse 3.3

We just added some distros of EasyEclipse 1.3.0, based on Eclipse 3.3.0, released a few days ago. Three distros are available for now:

and only some plugins, because some API changes may have broken the others, and we have not tested them yet. We will add more over time.
See the Europa Release page, the Distros page and the Plugins page. (and thanks to scast for the updated graphics)

06/19/2007: Finally, an entire new release based on Eclipse 3.2.2 !

Finally, we found the time to release EasyEclipse 1.2.2, based on Eclipse 3.2.2. All the distros have been updated, as well as the following plugins: Amateras HTML and XML editor, Amateras IDE, AnyEdit Tools, Color Editor, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Designer, Eclipse C and C++ Development Tool, Eclipse Data Tools, Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework, Eclipse Java Development Tools, Eclipse Modeling Tools, Eclipse Mylar, Plugin Development Environment, Eclipse Platform, Eclipse RCP Delta Packs and launchers, Source code for the Eclipse Platform and Java Development Kit, Eclipse Tools, Eclipse test, performance and monitoring tools, Eclipse Visual Editor, Eclipse Webdav and FTP support, Eclipse Database tools, Eclipse J2EE tools, Eclipse Web tools editors, Eclipse Web Tools, Checkstyle plugin for Eclipse, EclipseME, EclipseNSIS, Orangevolt EclipseXSLT, Eclipse Perl Integration (EPIC), SpellChecker, eZingBuilder, Fat Jar Eclipse plugin, FindBugs plugin, Eclipse JavaCC plugin, Hibernate Tools, JBoss jBPM Process Designer, Maven 2 plugin for Eclipse, OpenOffice Integration Plugin, PyDev, QuantumDB, QuickREx, RadRails, Ruby Development Tools, State of Flow Eclipse Metrics plugin, Subclipse Mylar Integration, Subclipse, Sysdeo Tomcat Launcher (whoa, that was a list!).

Please report any issue... thanks !

01/10/2007: Re-release of the Python and LAMP distro on Windows

We had several file corruptions issues on the (2007-01-08) release, and had to re-upload a set of files to SourceForge. If the installer is not working with you, please re-download it from the website, it will be a correct file.

01/08/2007: Upgraded plugin: PyDev to 1.2.5, and distros that contain it

Upgraded by popular demand... I'm not counting how many people have asked for it :-)

This also fixes a corrupted file for pydev on Linux.

The Python and LAMP distros have been upgraded to this release also.

12/10/2006: New EasyEclipse available, a major bug fix for the C/C++, Ruby, PHP, Python and LAMP distros.

We released this week-end an important update for the C/C++, Ruby, PHP, Python and LAMP distros.

The 1.2.1 release had two bugs in the built-in Java runtime that those distro require. Many people had reported issues when using non-English languages and non western European character sets. Linux users may also have experienced weird crashes and other unexplained problems.

Please download and install the updated version of your distro from the usual place.

The distros for Java are unchanged.

11/24/2006: 1.2.1, complete release based Eclipse Callisto 3.2.1

We finally have a complete release based on Eclipse 3.2. All the plugins included run nicely on 3.2, and we went through an extensive round of tests, both automated and manual. Despite we had released some preview back in late July, the quality was not there yet. We hope is it better now!
There are also a few new goodies on the website. You can now add comments for each plugins, distros, and a few pages like the documentation, and the new "Spread the love" page. If you hate or love EasyEclipse, voice it.
Going forward we will not do any more of those big releases, but instead more frequent small releases. For you, that will mean more new plugins, more often. For us, less stress!
Finally, some of the new things we are working on include an update site with a revamped update manager, many new plugins, and more. That includes some serious triage on the bugs and features requests.
Enjoy EasyEclipse, and thanks for the 150000 + downloads we had since the 1.0 release!

08/17/2006: 1.2.0, based on Eclipse Callisto 3.2, partially released

A first preview release based on Eclipse 3.2 is now available. It is not complete yet: only very few of the plugins are there, because they have not been released by their developers for Eclipse 3.2, or because they don't work with 3.2. So if your favorite distro is not yet there, do not get mad at us ... it will be there soon!

06/25/2006: 1.0 Final is released

1.0.2 is out. It is the final 1.0 release, as far as we have fixed all the known bugs in our code. There are remaining bugs, but they are "upstream" bugs - bugs that we wouldn't be able to fix without commiting code to other projects. There are no new plugins, and only a very small number of upgraded plugins (eZingBuilder, RadRails and Subclipse) or modified (JBoss IDE with AOP and EJB3, Eclipse Database tools, Eclipse J2EE Tools, Eclipse Web tools editors).

06/02/2006: One page plugin/distro chart

To clarify the composition of the distros, we have added a chart showing which distro contains which plugin, in one page.

05/23/2006: 1.0.1 is out

We have a new release. This is mostly maintainance, it is still a beta, but it is more stable. The major changes are:

Please see each distro for a more complete changelog.

05/14/2006: nexB has joined the Eclipse foundation

To be "good citizen", we have paid our dues and joined the Eclipse Foundation. We actually joined last month, just after EclipseCon, when we released 1.0.0 beta, but for some reason it hasn't been updated on the Add-in Providers page.

04/13/2006: EasyEclipse 1.0 Beta is available

Finally! It contains 5 distros (beginner, server, desktop, j2me, and lamp) and 60+ plugins. Ready to download! A few caveats, however:

Enjoy !

03/20/2006: EasyEclipse 1.0.0 in Beta... for your eyes only

Close but no cigar... EclipseCon is starting today, and the release isn't ready yet; but it's close. We haven't opened the site yet for public access. If you are reading this news, you probably got it from a link that's not official :-)

The big news is what you see right now: a complete website for the support of EasyEclipse. Not only one page for each plugin, but a good list of pointers, description, etc. for each distribution *and* plugins.

However, we haven't released the actual files. So, the "download" buttons will not be working...

01/05/2006: Release plan for EasyEclipse

We have finalized our plan to get to an EasyEclipse 1.0 release, and we are working already. We have set the following goals:

We're aiming at a release for EclipseCon... we'll see if we make it ! Stay posted.

11/05/2005: New Website - "Shopping cart ?"

As we are adding plugins to the 0.8.1 release, we're starting to look at a new way to present the website.

An interesting idea, is to make it a shopping site, where people can buy plugins. But it would be about downloading instead of buying, and, since it's free, the payment unit would be the MegaByte and not the dollar.

Fun idea.. but we'll see if we have time to do it. Ideas are welcome.

10/31/2005: EasyEclipse for J2ME development

As part of a tutorial (PDF) that we wrote for the Sync4J project, we added a specialized release of EasyEclipse for mobile development. Basically it's EasyEclipse, with EclipseME added to it, and Quantum for database management. It would be nice to have some part of the WTP also (in particular, the great little TCP monitor), but it's not easy to separate... Anyhow, EasyEclipse for J2ME is available directly from the Funambol website.

08/08/2005: Two more plugins shipped today

Two more ! We're happy to add two more plugins to the distribution:

07/06/2005: One more plugin today: FatJar

We're adding plugins as they come... today's addition:

FatJar Jar exporter 0.0.18 for EasyEclipse 0.8.0.

Fat Jar is a tool to export, open, manipulate Jar files from within Eclipse. How often have you wanted to open a Jar file in Eclipse, only to see it open as a gribberish binary file ? This plugin solves this problem.

06/23/2005: Patch release: EasyEclipse 0.8.1

Please use the 0.8.1 instead of 0.8.0. It uses a new release of Sun's JDK, fixing a security issue.

06/13/2005: EasyEclipse 0.8.0 released

Finally, the first release of EasyEclipse is out. It has the following features:

01/28/2005: EasyEclipse project setup

Ok, we're started... we've bought the domain, we're setting up the project on SourceForge...

01/15/2005: Eclipse Download Hell no.1 on Google

We've decided to do something.

I was looking for.... some download for Eclipse, so I typed "eclipse download" on Google, and what I got as first document (I was feeling lucky, maybe !) is a document titled Eclipse Download Hell where Simon Willison describes in detail how difficult it can be to select, download, and install Eclipse components.

There has to be a better way.

It has to be easy.

Mmmm... It there was something called easyEclipse where it would be easy to download eclipse ?

Let's give it a try...