Ruby Development Tools

Edit, test, run and debug Ruby applications.

Download Ruby Development Tools for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

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The Ruby Development Tools (RDT) contain all the components needed to develop applications using Ruby languagage. RDT includes a Ruby debugger, code outline, syntax highlighting, ri/rdoc integration, code completion, code folding, variable occurence marking and much more.

The Ruby Development Tools needs a Ruby interpreter. See the Getting Started below for details.

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Installing this plugin

This plugin is in the EasyEclipse for LAMP and EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails distributions.

You can also install it on any EasyEclipse distribution, because it has no dependencies.

To use this plugin, you need this additional software:

Getting started

Help is available for this plugin, in the Help > Help Contents menu in EasyEclipse.

To use RDT, you must first define the Ruby interpreter in Window > Preferences , Ruby > Installer Interpreter. On Windows, you must have installed Ruby (on MacOS, and on recent Linux distros, it is preinstalled). Select Add, give a name to this interpreter (for example ruby and specify the location. On MacOSX and Linux, this location is usually /usr/bin/ruby. Click OK on the Add Interpreter dialog, and on the Preferences dialog.

You can then create a Ruby project, using the File > New > Project..., Ruby > Ruby Project wizard. Then you can create new Ruby Classes by select File > New > Ruby Class, and add some code to it. To run it, you must select the menu Run > Run..., right-click on the Ruby Application tree item and select New, which creates a new run configuration, with, by default, the current project and Ruby file. You can then hit the Run button that will run your code.

Many other functionalities are available, including debugging. To debug an application, you must manually switch to the Debug perspective in order to control the debugged application.

Useful links


Changes in EasyEclipse

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.2: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: RubyPeople, Markus Barchfeld, Markus Barchfeld, Thomas Corbat, David Corbin, Zach Dennis, Lukas Felber, Mirko Stocker, Adam Williams, Christopher Williams

All files of the RDT except for the external plugins and libraries named below are copyright of RubyPeople. RubyPeople is not a legal entity, but consists of the following people who have contributed to the RDT. See for more information.

This plugin is licensed under the Common Public License 1.0 license.

        The RDT feature contains the following plugins and libraries from external providers: RegExp plugin, JRuby, kxml2, The file org.rubypeople.rdt.launching/ruby/eclipseDebug.rb is based on the debug.rb file, which is part of the ruby 1.6.8 release. Because of the nature of developing this plugin, many features or concepts have been copied from the jdt. Therefore you will find code fragements which have been copied from the jdt. We did not add the IBM copyright with every code fragment of this kind. We think that this is in accordance with the CPL and is not an intended removal of copyright.


Comment by Patrick
2007-02-06 15:08:07

PyDev, you must first define the Ruby interpreter in Window > Preferences , Ruby > Installer Interpreter.”>

Should that not be RDT instead of PyDev?

Comment by admin
2007-08-31 02:21:34

Thanks for your comment — this is now fixed.

Comment by Josue
2007-03-05 07:21:55

Thanks.Cool, and fine. Just i needed.

Comment by Damaris Fuentes
2007-10-24 12:50:14

This plugin version does not work for me on Eclipse 3.1.2 (version 0.8 does work). Suggestions?

Comment by Philippe
2007-10-24 15:08:06

It doe not work with Eclipse 3.1.2 and EasyEclipse 1.1.X
It requires Eclipse 3.2.x or EasyEclipse 1.2.X

The old version 0.8.0 is tsill available there for Eclipse 3.1.2:

Comment by Damaris
2007-10-25 05:39:47

Well, the thing is that this is correct for Ruby (I mean,as you say, it does work with my 3.2 version). However, other plugins such as the one for J2EE development does not work even with 3.2. version (I’m gonna try with 3.2.2).

Thanks a lot.

Comment by michelle
2010-04-09 04:01:37

Hi, I’m a newbie here so please be patient..

Could someone tell me if it is possible to put use some kind of GUI DESIGNER when developing ruby applications for windows with easyeclipse? If there really is not an eclipse plugin (which is quite hard to believe) could I perhaps use something like this

Similarly, what is there in the way of unit testing ruby applications with easy eclipse?

Comment by Ravi
2011-11-16 14:24:06

It says that RDT is installed with EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails. However I am unable to figure out its content Assist feature. Content Assist doen’t work for me, neither I can see it under Windows->Preferences->Ruby->Editor. Any Suggestions??


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