Hibernate Tools

Edit Hibernate mappings, execute HQL queries and develop applications with Hibernate, a Java persistence and object-relational mapping framework.

Download Hibernate Tools 3.2.0.beta9 for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

(25MB)  (25MB)  (25MB)

Hibernate tools provide:

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Installing this plugin

This plugin is in the EasyEclipse Server Java distribution.

If you install this plugin on another EasyEclipse distribution, the dependent plugins Eclipse Web tools editors and Eclipse Java Development Tools must be present in the EasyEclipse distribution, or must be installed separately.

To use this plugin, you need Hibernate downloads.

Getting started

Help is available for this plugin, in the Help > Help Contents menu in EasyEclipse.

Under Hibernate Developer Guide > Tools Documentation > Ant and Eclipse Tools, you can find, in one document, a very complete user guide for the JBoss Hibernate Tool.

Useful links


Changes in EasyEclipse 1.3.1:

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.2: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.0: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: JBoss Team, Max R. Andersen, David Channon, Marshall Culpepper

Copyright (c) 2002-2005 JBoss Inc. All rights reserved. JBoss is a registered trademark and servicemark of JBoss, Inc.

This plugin is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 license.

        The following additional license terms apply to software incorporated in the Hibernate tools:
            antlr license v1.1
            apache license v1.1
            apache license v2.0
            Sun Binary Code License Agreements for Connector, jaas, jdbc1_0 and jta - each has the same base license plus similar, but distinct supplementary license terms.


Comment by poorna chandra
2007-08-16 00:44:45

Anyone please explain me the steps to create Hibernate project in EasyEclipse 1.2.1.
I am using postgresql in my struts application i want to use hibernate in my app .if u have any tutorial for hibernate in easyeclipse .
Anyone please help

Comment by admin
2007-08-16 14:33:12

The plugin itself contains documentation, including a step-by-step guide to use it (not exactly a tutorial, but close).

Comment by admin
2007-08-16 14:35:31

Also I would suggest you to upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. It shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds, doesn’t involve any risk, and will probably provide your more stuff, including help :)

Comment by hibernateNewbie
2008-01-23 11:28:17

I have downloaded EasyEclipse Server Java distribution and installed it. I have instlled mysql & mysqlconnectorJ on my machine and I am trying to reverse engineer from the schema. I have added the driver jar file in the build path for the project. When I am using reverse engineer tool, I am getting an error. In the second screen in the wizard with heading “Configure Table Filters”, I am selecting a console configuration and database schemas window is not populated with any entries. When I hit the refresh button, I am getting a class not found error. It is complaining that it is not able to find the driver class. Error message is :

org.hibernate.console.HibernateConsoleRuntimeException: Problems while loading database driverclass (com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

I am stuck! Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Comment by software developer
2009-10-13 04:35:23

Thta was an inspiring post,

thanks ever so much for the tools download..

Anyway, thanks for the post

Comment by sonam
2014-02-14 21:59:13

I have eclipse 3.4.2 . Am i able to use this plugins or it is only for easyeclipse? pls rply

Comment by RG
2014-02-20 22:12:11

Hi All,

when I tried to debug a perl script in eclipse I am getting an error:

Unable to connect to remote host: IP Address :5000
Compilation failed in require.

I have installed Padwalker 1.98.

but run is working fine.

any suggestions?


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