EasyEclipse for Plugins and RCP Apps

For development of Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications and Eclipse plug-ins.

Download release 1.2.2: (202MB)   (161MB)   (209MB)

Download release (217MB)   (175MB)   (224MB)

This distro contains the all you need to develop applications reusing the Eclipse architecture: both to develop Eclipse plug-ins, and to develop RCP applications, i.e. applications reusing components from Eclipse. In particular, it contains all the source code for the Eclipse platform and tools, which allows you to easily browse and debug the Eclipse code when accessed from your application.

A useful plugin to add to this is distro is the Eclipse Examples plugin. It is not added by default as it tends to clutter the user interface. However, you should install it soon after you start using this distro.

Note that up to release 1.3.0, this distro was called "Plugin Warrior".

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This distribution includes the following plugins:

Core components with a JDK:

Tools for general Java development:

Some essential utilities:

Tools for development of Eclipse Plugins and Eclipse-based (RCP) applications:

Version Control tools (CVS support was included in the Eclipse Platform until 1.2.2):

Getting started

"Getting Started" documentation is available for the following included plugins:

For the other plugins, you are welcome to propose a getting started. Thanks !


Changes in release

Changes in release 1.3.1: Changes in release Changes in release Changes in release 1.3.0: Changes in release 1.2.2: Changes in release 1.2.1: Changes in release 1.2.0: Changes in release 1.0.2: Changes in release 1.0.1:


EasyEclipse is licensed under the terms of the Open Software License version 2.1.

Each third party plugin, software or content is licensed under its own copyright and/or license. See each plugin page for details


Comment by Ferran Busquets
2007-10-14 18:23:04

Why do not include EclipseNSIS to deploy stand alone RCP applications?

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