About EasyEclipse

EasyEclipse's primary purpose is to provide easy-to-install and -use distributions of Eclipse, rather than develop new code. The code we have developed is for assembling, testing and distributing the different distributions of EasyEclipse.

Why EasyEclipse

This project was started from a search on Google. Although things have improved, this "Eclipse Download Hell" document still is the fifth document returned by a Google search for “eclipse download”. Clearly there is still room for improvement in the way Eclipse is distributed.

There is an incredible ecosystem around Eclipse, but the needs of individual developers are not yet particularly well-served. Some of the most common problems for a developer are:

Our focus is supporting Eclipse-based IDEs from the point of view of an individual developer or a small development team. As a developer, you need a specific and robust set of development tools in the smallest and simplest package possible – this is what EasyEclipse provides.

Each EasyEclipse distribution is tailored for a specific development environment with just the right functionality for that environment – no more complexity than necessary and one easy download and install procedure. And EasyEclipse is free.

Get Involved

We welcome your feedback and participation.

EasyEclipse is born from a need that we, and some of customers, had. We are very interested to know how much other people will like it. So please feel free to:

The best way to give feedback is on the SourceForge newsgroups or mailing lists.

Who we are

We are a small team of software developers, grouped in a company, nexB, since 2003.

Our business activity revolves around Application Development Lifecycle with open source software. In particular, we help our customers use Eclipse and other open source tools to design, build and test their software better.

We are active contributors or commiters on several open source projects. nexB is member of the Eclipse Foundation.

Contact Us

If you have business inquiries, request for our services, or any other matter to discuss that doesn't have its place on the public forums, you can contact us at info@easyeclipse.org. But, for any support, feedback, technical question, please use the newsgroups or mailing lists.