Eclipse Database tools

Access, manage and query SQL relational databases and servers - Removed since release 1.3.0.

Download Eclipse Database tools 1.5.4 for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

(2.2MB)  (2.1MB)  (2.0MB)

This plugin is not released anymore in EasyEclipse 1.3. It is replaced by the Eclipse Data Tools plugin.

This subset of the Eclipse web tools provides advanced support for managing connections to database and database servers, edit and execute SQL queries, browse database tables. It is more powerfull than QuantumDB, but not as mature.

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Installing this plugin

This plugin is in the EasyEclipse Server Java, EasyEclipse Mobile Java, EasyEclipse for LAMP, EasyEclipse for PHP and EasyEclipse for Ruby and Rails distributions.

If you install this plugin on another EasyEclipse distribution, the dependent plugins Eclipse Web tools editors and Eclipse Java Development Tools must be present in the EasyEclipse distribution, or must be installed separately.

Getting started

Help is available for this plugin, in the Help > Help Contents menu in EasyEclipse.

The Eclipse Database tools must be used in conjunction with a RDBMS such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, HSQLDB. You need to be have network access to the RDBMS, and have the needed JDBC driver (Java JAR file).

To start using the Eclipse Database tools, you must then:

Useful links


Changes in EasyEclipse 1.3.0:

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.2: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.0: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.2: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: Eclipse Foundation

Copyright (c) Eclipse contributors and others. 2000-2007. All rights reserved.

This plugin is licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0 license.



Comment by Jaime
2007-04-12 16:55:24

The plugin i see very good but i don’t know how to use this. Please you write tho manual link. Thank you.

Comment by Philippe
2007-04-12 21:43:01

There is a guide here and inside the help under menu Help/Help content

Comment by Jarrod
2009-02-25 08:08:09

Is there a way to integrate database connection to java code in eclipse. This will be a great tool for unit testing purposes.

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