Eclipse HTML Tidy

Format and validate HTML, XHTML and XML documents within your favorite editor.

Download Eclipse HTML Tidy 1.2.2.patch-01-1 for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

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HTML Tidy Eclipse plugin provides two very useful tasks of HTML Tidy: Formatting and Checking (X)HTML code. It doesn't provide any editor and can be used while using your favorite HTML or XML editor.

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Installing this plugin

This plugin is in the EasyEclipse Server Java, EasyEclipse for LAMP and EasyEclipse for PHP distributions.

You can also install it on any EasyEclipse distribution, because it has no dependencies.

Getting started

Help is available for this plugin, in the Help > Help Contents menu in EasyEclipse.

To use HTML Tidy, just right-click on an HTML file in the Navigator or Package Explorer View, and select HTML Tidy > Format. The HTML will be formatted, missing tags will be added, and a message will give the results of the check. Additional documentation, in particular a description of the rules used to check, is available in the help.

Useful links

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Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.1:

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: Pierre Baumard, Jamie McCrindle

Copyright 2002-2006 Pierre Baumard. All Rights Reserved.

This plugin is derived from:

This plugin owes its existence to the following people:

This plugin is licensed under the Common Public License 1.0 license.



Comment by Omar Nafees
2007-02-08 13:03:53

When I use “Format” or “Check”, I get an error dialog “The error file couldn’t be read at: /tmptidy_error.txt”. Almost seems like its trying to say “/tmp/tidy_error.txt”, but I’m not sure where I can fix the problem.


Comment by Joel Alexandre
2007-02-23 13:16:47

i had the same problem as Omar.

to solve it, i’ve created the file /tmptidy_error.txt and gave everyone permission to write to it.

$ sudo touch /tmptidy_error.txt
$ sudo chmod a+wr /tmptidy_error.txt

Now tidy works well.


Comment by Damaris
2007-10-25 08:17:34

When I use Format-document, the format sets every element in the same indentation (I mean, it does not format).
I’m using EasyEclipse distribution of Ruby and Rails development, with this plugin.

Comment by Markus
2007-10-27 14:52:21

I like EasyEclipse for PHP development. Especially the integrated SVN and Project Manager make life really easyer. I just noticed that an integrated Image viewer would be a cool gimmik. I could just stay inside my IDE ;-)

But thanks again for EasyEclipse. My first installation of Eclipse IDE - I tried to add PDE using the “Update Manager” - was a crap.


Comment by Peter Nore
2010-09-22 20:22:22

Isn’t it a security risk to grant anyone write access to a file in your root folder? There must be a way to make this plugin behave like a sane program and put the temp in /tmp or home.

At any rate, it seems better to
touch ~/.html_tidy_temp
sudo ln -s ~/.html_tidy_temp /tmptidy_error.txt

Comment by Katalog
2012-04-15 10:12:48

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