Edit HTML web page visually.

Download eZingBuilder 1.0.5 for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

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eZing Builder is a visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor.
The plan is to make it an application builder like PowerBuilder and Visual Web Developer for Tapestry. It is already very good as an HTML editor. This version of the plugin works on Windows, Linux and Mac (using FireFox not the Safari web browser). If you only need to use it as an HTML editor, you don't need to install any other plugins (the dependencies below are only for the application builder part).

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Installing this plugin

This plugin is not shipped in any distribution. You must manually install it on an EasyEclipse distribution.

The dependent plugins Eclipse Java Development Tools, Eclipse Web tools editors, Eclipse J2EE tools and Eclipse Database tools must be present in the EasyEclipse distribution you use, or must be installed separately.

This plugin does not run on MacOS.

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Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.2: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.1: Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: Neusoft Group, Jinshan Li

Copyright 2005,2006 Neusoft Group. All Rights Reserved.

This plugin is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 license.

        The Original Code is eZingBuilder, an Eclipse Plugin for Rapid Web Application Development.
            The Initial Developer of the Original Code isJinshan Li. All Rights Reserved.


Comment by Ahamed Rasheed CK
2007-01-04 10:29:41

I have installed the ezing……. in my easyEclipse for lampp…… but on opening with ezing editor I get an ERROR message some thing like this…..

HTTP Status 500 -

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

kindly help me..

Rasheed CK

Comment by Steve R
2007-01-18 18:45:21

I also get the same error. Using Win XP Pro

Comment by Ahamed Rasheed CK
2007-01-04 10:32:41

My OS is Fedora Core 6.0 and I am using the 1.0.5 ver of the ezing just downloaded now……

Kindly help me

Rasheed CK

Comment by Tim
2007-01-05 23:11:04

Fedora Core include Eclipse in the distro, it actually runs better because it’s compiled to native code. Check out the version included in the distro.

Comment by Philippe
2007-01-10 00:48:28

My personal experience is that Eclipse tends to be a bit less stable when using the natively built Fedora binaries. The other issueue is that non-natively built plugin swill end up running with Gij in interpreted mode which is fairly slow. Last but not least, it does not run Java 5 code. All that put together, using a Sun VM tends to be the best stable approach, IMHO.

Comment by Francois
2007-01-08 18:56:40

I think that there are issues with Ezing build 1.0.5, that’s why we are only shipping 1.0.3. I believe that you better downgrade to 1.0.3…

Comment by Philippe
2007-01-10 00:50:08

The current version we ship is 1.0.3 You said you use version 1.0.5 ? I did not try it yet, but you must have gotten it from ezingbuilder directly not from here. Am I correct?

Comment by Luis Alejandro Masanti
2007-03-06 21:11:00

Is there a date for a Mac version?

Comment by Philippe
2007-04-03 14:01:06

The mac version shoudl be in the next drop. There is a need to have an Apple JDK installed though. We are trying to find a workaround.

Comment by Philippe
2007-04-03 14:01:46

There is a bug when this plugin is installed on distro which are not java distros:
See http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1693895&group_id=131065&atid=719795 for details

Comment by Philippe
2007-04-10 22:39:40

We are thinking about switching that plugin which is becoming something else lately with that one
Would that make sense?

Comment by porquero
2007-10-16 12:44:51

How to view other extensions with this?
for example: phtml.

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