EasyEclipse Desktop Java

For development of Desktop GUI applications with Swing or SWT.

Download release 1.2.2: (126MB)   (79MB)   (127MB)

Download release (137MB)   (90MB)   (139MB)

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This distribution includes the following plugins:

Core components with a JDK:

Tools for general Java development:

Some essential utilities:

Tools for development of Desktop applications in Java:

Version Control tools (CVS support was included in the Eclipse Platform until 1.2.2):

Getting started

"Getting Started" documentation is available for the following included plugins:

For the other plugins, you are welcome to propose a getting started. Thanks !


Changes in release

Changes in release 1.3.1: Changes in release 1.2.2: Changes in release 1.2.1: Changes in release 1.2.0: Changes in release 1.0.2: Changes in release 1.0.1: Changes in release 1.0.0:


EasyEclipse is licensed under the terms of the Open Software License version 2.1.

Each third party plugin, software or content is licensed under its own copyright and/or license. See each plugin page for details


Comment by lopio
2006-12-11 04:46:17

this is a great, simple , useful package based on eclipse!!!!
Thanks to every developer for this good release

Comment by BsM
2007-05-20 14:32:03

I am a java beginner so i want some information about this distribution
1- I found in Sun microsystem JDK 6 and this distribution contain JDK it’s very old why you did’t use the latest JDK - JDK6]
2- Can i build plugins for eclipse with this distribution

Comment by Alejandro Zalazar
2007-05-30 13:15:22

Hi BsM
I can only answer to the ‘1-’ item =)
Java/JDK version 1.5+ it’s also called Java 5, so it’s as old as it seems.
For more info take a look at http://java.sun.com

Comment by William Chang
2008-02-09 16:42:37

Thanks for making Eclipse easy to start programming in minutes. I just want to report what I found from Google: the official Eclipse 3.3.2 maintenance release is probably due to occur around February 2008. I’ll be waiting for it to show up in EasyEclipse before I migrate from 1.2.2 to 1.3.x :)

Comment by Fly on the Wall
2008-03-06 21:13:47

Thanks for this lovely package. :) As a first-time user the amount of plugins available for Eclipse was definitely intimidating; to say the least. Now I get to try out Eclipse with all the cool plugins already included. :D Woot woot!

Comment by tiga2001
2008-03-14 06:48:18

This is great. I spent hours trying to figure out the best way to install visual editor on Eclipse 3.3 so I could give my project partners a step-by-step instruction. Now I only need to tell them to go to this site.

Comment by Jorge R Cruz B
2009-04-15 11:52:39

Gracias por su colaboración con las personas que estamos investigando sobre la utilidad de nuevos IDE’S me parece muy interesante el desarrollo de easyeclipce sobre todo para personas que están empezando, me gustaría saber si me pueden ayudar con el código fuente de easyeclipce para poder estudiarlo y guiarme en un proyecto que estoy emprendiendo sobre IDE’S para Java, ya que está basado en licencias GPL.
Mi correo es renene_5@hotmail.com, espero por favor una respuesta.
Mil Gracias.

Comment by digital-riot
2009-11-29 07:43:10

this is a great, simple , useful package based on eclipse!!!!
Thanks to every developer for this good release

Comment by Alpay
2011-10-14 12:48:51

Hi all,

i downloaded the plugin and set up on my pc. But when i open eclipse from its link i can not see the plugin. Thank you

Comment by cz-coder
2012-01-02 06:06:48

For a long time i used Netbeans as my environment. But for now i am using eclipse. İ think it is a very good application

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