EasyEclipse Server Java

For development of server-side Java applications, such as JavaServer Pages, EJBs and Web Services.

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EasyEclipse Server Edition contains lots of plugins to manage different application servers (Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic), develop on some server-side frameworks (Struts, Java Server Faces), and manipulate common file types on servers (HTML, XML, JSPs).

There are currently 70 comments for this distribution. You can review them and add more here.


This distribution includes the following plugins:

Core components with a JDK:

Tools for general Java development:

Some essential utilities:

Tools for development of server-side applications in Java:

Tools for web development:

Database management tool:

Version Control tools (CVS support was included in the Eclipse Platform until 1.2.2):

Getting started

"Getting Started" documentation is available for the following included plugins:

For the other plugins, you are welcome to propose a getting started. Thanks !


Changes in release

Changes in release 1.2.2: Changes in release 1.2.1: Changes in release 1.2.0: Changes in release 1.0.2: Changes in release 1.0.1: Changes in release 1.0.0:


EasyEclipse is licensed under the terms of the Open Software License version 2.1.

Each third party plugin, software or content is licensed under its own copyright and/or license. See each plugin page for details


Comment by Ivan
2006-12-11 13:48:03

This is outstanding. It has always been problematic to get plug-ins to work together. Now you have done the job for us. And the individual plug-in installers are great. This will help me get my developers who are not that familiar with Eclipse up and running rapidly/

Comment by Watsh Rajneesh
2007-01-02 22:21:19

I have been using Easy eclipse server java distro for a while now and wanted to thank you for getting the essential plugins compatible versions built-in into the distro. It really made my life easier and a convert to eclipse IDE for my Java EE development from netbeans. When i started out, netbeans seemed more intuitive with regard to what needed to be installed to get started rapidly with J2EE development but having found your distro, i have been using eclipse now for my learning of EJB 3.0 with Jboss IDE plugin and JSF with Amateras IDE.

Comment by George Gastaldi
2007-01-15 18:18:02

Subclipse is crap. Please, use Subversive instead ! It is bug-free and works great !

Comment by Francois
2007-01-21 22:17:53

Opinions defer on this. We’ve found Subclipse quite comparable to Subversive; we think that it is a little more mature at this stage. We will swich if Subversive become clearly better. We’d love a fair, detailed evaluation…

Comment by Marc
2008-01-28 07:08:31

The synchronize function of Subsversive is clearly _not_ bug free.

Comment by admin
2008-01-28 10:22:00

True. Can you be more specific?

Comment by vinayak
2007-01-30 06:41:19

tptp performance , profiler & testing tool , i am not able to configure it .
can any one help me . i am not seeing an profile in any menu .

Comment by Philippe
2007-01-30 08:30:08

Sure, you installed the server java distro and then the tptp plugin? On which OS?

Comment by Philippe
2007-01-30 08:33:35

Actually, if you look at http://www.easyeclipse.org/site/plugins/eclipse-tptp.html there is a requirements section that says:
“Requirements and limitations

* This plugin requires a distribution of EasyEclipse containing:
o Eclipse Java Development Tools
o Plugin Development Environment”

So you would need to install the Plugin Development Environment first from here. It is not part of Server java.

Comment by Bruno
2007-02-07 10:26:14

Why have you choose to not base your distro on Callisto ?
Will the next easyEclipse release be based on Europa ?

Comment by Bruno
2007-02-07 10:54:25

Ok, sorry your present distro is based on Callisto (but you have not included all the optional callisto projects).
But my second question is still valid :)

Comment by Francois
2007-02-07 11:13:26

EasyEclipse’s goal is to make Eclipse easy to use, so we think it’s preferable to have more stability, even at the expense of features. We don’t want beginners to hit undocumented, regressions bugs in a beta (Philippe encountered such a bug yesterday on 3.3 M4, so they exist). Now, we’re playing with 3.3 because we’re eager that it ships ! :-)

Regarding Callisto: I think that we are shipping all the base Callisto project, see http://easyeclipse.org/site/home/callisto.html , but it was a long time and I have forgotten :-).
We may not include the optional Callisto projects, true, based on their userbase (we didn’t ship projects that are not likely to be used widely) and also based on their maturity (again, try not to ship unstable software).

Comment by ThurnerRupert
2007-03-06 09:23:19

trac-mylar would be a good addition.

Comment by Philippe
2007-03-06 10:03:30

I love that one too. You guys use Trac?
Could you enter a feature request on Sourceforge?

Comment by Jörg Haverkamp
2007-03-13 08:15:08

I tried this distribution. It really works fine. But I think it would be great if you would include the Exadel Studio and libraries into this package. These are free now, read .

Comment by admin
2007-03-13 09:44:57

Exadel would be a great addition, but for now it is free but not yet open source.
We would have to wait until this summer based on what I read.

Comment by alexander
2007-04-04 08:53:05

El easyeclipse server no funfiona en linux de 64 byte

Comment by yassine
2007-05-09 17:04:52

trac-mylar pleasse svp bitte !! great work guys!

Comment by Philippe
2007-05-09 21:35:04

Actually it is in the works, already in CVS, and will be released very soon.

Comment by yethyeth
2007-05-13 02:01:54

There is a bug with EasyEclipse Server Java and i don’t know whether there are the same ones with other distributtions.
I’m a chinese user so I need print chinese in console. But the texts in chinese are clobber. The font of “Java Editor Text Font (…)” is not setted up correctly for the portion of chinese_gb2312. It’s “courior new” defaultly which doesn’t support chinese charactors.
In Eclipse it’s right setted up. It means that chinese charators has chinese fonts.
The problem is described at http://blog.csdn.net/yethyeth/archive/2007/05/13/1607112.aspx.

Comment by Humber
2007-05-17 12:08:04

I would be great if this distribution includes facelets support out of the box.
And some Jboss Seam plugins.

That would make this distro rock! :D

Comment by Server IBM Webphere v5.1
2007-05-18 04:40:31

There is server IBM Websphere v6 .. but I would want the version 5.1.
That’s posible?
Thank you

Comment by Bruno
2007-07-23 12:38:45

Will you release EasyEclipse Server Java 1.3 based on “Europa for JEE” distro or not ?

Comment by admin
2007-08-16 09:00:17

Of course we will. As soon as we find the time to do it. Also, some plugins taht we ship in this distro, aren’t working yet on Eclipse 3.3. We’ve been waiting a little in the hope that we wouldn’t have to redo it once they ship. As a rule, we put more emphasis on stability than on features… but I understand you impatience :)

Comment by akr
2007-08-05 09:21:29

Where are the MD5 or SHA files for file/download integrity check?

Comment by François
2007-08-16 09:03:44

They are in this folder. You can construct the URL yourself: “http://easyeclipse.org/md5/” + downloadedfilename + “.MD5″

Comment by fragking
2007-08-09 22:10:57

I hope the new version of “EasyEclipse Server Edition”-1.3.0 has a better web page (HTML/JSP) editor UI.
And when the release 1.3.0 is available.

Comment by fragking
2007-08-13 18:35:08

I wonder whether the BIRT will be considered to be included in the release 1.3.0. I hope it can be included.

Comment by Bruno
2007-08-22 01:40:34

Hi François,
Will you add Topcased UML plugins 1.0.0 in EasyEclipse Server Java 1.3 distro as you said to Topcased project lead some months ago ?

Comment by venkat
2007-09-25 22:32:24

how can i set the websphere 6.1 in the eclipse3.3 ,
what i have done is in preferences >sever >
can u give the detailed in stepwise

Comment by Kalyan
2008-02-17 22:40:44

Can you please add Eclipse modeling tools (like EMF, GEF plugins) and Testing tools to the distribution.

Comment by jevons
2008-02-28 19:43:12

when does the EasyEclipse Server Java 1.3 release?

Comment by markux
2008-04-21 00:58:03

when does the EasyEclipse Server Java 1.3 release?

Comment by sam khouth
2008-04-30 22:45:36

I am new to Java and my quest is:
Deos EasyEclipse Server Java include Java?

Comment by François
2008-05-01 08:02:38

yes, it includes Java.

Comment by sam Khouth
2008-05-23 04:55:30

What Linux distribution(s) can accomodate easyEclipse for Java? Any installation tips and tricks?

Comment by sam Khouth
2008-05-23 04:56:07

What Linux distribution(s) can accommodate easyEclipse for Java? Any installation tips and tricks?

Comment by sam Khouth
2008-05-23 04:56:09

What Linux distribution(s) can accommodate easyEclipse for Java? Any installation tips and tricks?

Comment by admin
2008-08-02 08:34:42

All linux distro should work. Please tell us if you have any issues with yours. Installation is just: unzip and run :)

Comment by sam khouth
2008-06-16 02:26:14

Does easyEclipse show line numbers like, for example, notepad++? If so, what to do to show line numbers?

Comment by admin
2008-08-02 08:37:52

Go to Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors and check “Show line numbers”.

Comment by Glitsun
2008-09-18 05:33:05

Whether easy eclipse is available as a ZIP distribution rather than EXE.

Comment by Kantorn
2008-09-30 12:52:33

Anyone know when EasyEclipse Server Java 1.3 will be released?

Comment by Ron
2008-10-17 09:35:16

Is this distro based on europa or ganymede???

Comment by Charlie
2008-11-20 20:50:09

I’ve been using this at work for a long time. I love it. Thank you very much.
I would like to put it on my home machine. Unfortunately this is XP64.
Any chance you will be supporting 64 bit in the near future?

Comment by OHM
2009-01-27 05:24:26

Do you update EasyEclipse Server Java to use with AJAX application, for example Google Web Toolkit?

If not do you plan for it?

Thank a lot

Comment by Mauro
2009-02-24 05:15:46

Someone support this distribution? No update since Feb 2008 …

Comment by Ramesh
2009-04-03 01:11:25

Does the easyeclipse supports Flex Builder 3 plug-in?…Do you have plugins that supports Flex?…

Comment by Alhazred
2009-04-30 04:29:20

I can’t automatically show line numbers in easyeclipse, I always have to right click on left side of the input window and select “show line numbers” for each file I open and everytime I open easyeclipse.

Window -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Show line numbers is checked, but line numbers are not shown automatically.

Is it a bug?

Comment by Hans
2009-05-01 02:11:25

Well you are not the only one with this problem. I do have the same problem with easyeclipse for PHP, so it might be a bug.

Comment by Krishna Jha
2009-05-17 23:06:18

Please help me out to find out the websphere6.1 plugin for easyeclipse. Thank you all in advance.

Comment by SirSingalot
2009-07-07 14:44:15

We are ditching Java Server distro now, it just never seems to be updated.
Well, it has been a great tool, but we have to move on i my development team.
Pity the Server distro just does not keep up the pace.

Comment by Traian
2009-07-30 10:18:09

I am new in application creation and I would like to make an application similar to the graffiti from Yahoo, but in another language and with a different interface. How can I make my application work on-line and other stuff that might be causing me problems?
Can you give me a link to some good and useful tutorials or some applications templates, that are similar with the one that I am interested in?
I would really like to learn and not steal someone else work, but to do this I need a base of knowledge, a template or a tutorial that I can view and understand the way the application works, so I create one new from scratch.
I don’t know if this is the best place to ask, but I hope that I will get some useful information.

Comment by mona
2010-07-07 12:57:42

I tried to install easy eclipse server Java in Windows 7 in a 64 bit machine but it does not work for me. Is there any specific reasons for this? Any help is appreciated.

Comment by samuel
2011-06-23 01:02:19

hello there
I have the same problem, after that I try to run it as Windows XP mode, it worked as well
if u donot like change your system, I think this is a better way

Comment by Craig Clayton
2010-08-29 09:49:45

I found a workaround on the 64bit Windows 7 Installs. If you go to the directory that you installed EasyEclipse for PHP and right click on “eclipse.exe” you can set it to run on compatible mode (windows xp sp3). After I did that, I was able to load it and use it (thank god!)

Comment by sdusdk
2010-10-07 05:41:11

“show line numbers”
so…it might be a bug~

Comment by Jayaprakash Kumar
2010-11-22 04:41:21

One of the ultimate IDE, with all pulgins.

Comment by ram
2011-08-24 02:44:18

It is out standing. It is working Fine. I used this one around 4 years still it is no problem..good

Comment by john
2011-09-14 01:00:33

Not able to change the character encoding to UTF-8. Even after changing it to UTF-8, when trying to save unicode characters, its showing error “Some characters cannot be mapped using ISO-8859-1 character encoding.Either change the encoding or remove the characters which are not supported by the ISO-8859-1 character encoding.”

Comment by Dat Nguyen
2012-05-24 06:15:14

When I firstly use EasyEclipse Server Java, the error happened. It tell me see the log file and I can not use it anyway! Anyone can help me????

Comment by akshay
2013-10-17 21:30:26

Trying to develop server side web map application. Not satisfied with netbeans. Will try to use EasyEclipse.

Comment by sudhakar
2014-01-30 03:21:04

Easy Eclipse Server Java will it support for developing android applications.

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