Can I add more plugins to my installation of an EasyEclipse distro?

Of course! If an EasyEclipse distro doesn't contain a plugin that you need, just install the distro, and then install the plugin from the Plugin page. You can also install plugins from other sources; in which case, please drop us a line because we may want to add it to EasyEclipse.

The EasyEclipse distros provide a baseline environment and you can add more plugins as you need them. Just run the installer.

We took the time to write some documentation for this, so please take the time to look at it :-) :

Can I migrate my projects from a "classic" installation of Eclipse, to EasyEclipse ? What are the steps ?

It will work right away, there are no specific steps to follow: you can open any workspace created with Eclipse (down to 3.0) in EasyEclipse; you can also use existing projects stored in CVS or Subversion.

EasyEclipse isn't different from Eclipse, so anything that you can do with Eclipse, can be done with EasyEclipse.

Does EasyEclipse work on Vista ?

We don't know yet: we don't have a machine with Vista at hand. One person reported a success on the Forum, with the caveat of installing at the drive's root (C:\) instead of the default (C:\Program Files\. Other reported failures. Please tell us your

Where is the Update Site to upgrade to a new version?
Why isn't an Update Site defined in the EasyEclipse distros?

We are planning to put an update site in place soon. The URL will be (it's already a valid update site, albeit empty). You could call this a bug. We should define an update site by default.

There are two reasons that we have not created an update site yet. First, we are concerned that the Update mechanism is still buggy and not very user friendly. Second, we have not had time yet to create the required "branding plugin". We hear that the Update mechanism will be improved significantly in the next release of the Eclipse Platform. We look forward to finding out more about the improvements. Differing (but constructive!) opinions and suggestions are welcome.

How do I upgrade an EasyEclipse distro without an Update Site?

For now you need to download the new EasyEclipse distro, uninstall the older distro and install the new distro. W have tried to make this upgrade process simple by providing a standard installer and uninstaller for Windows and Mac OS X.

Why don't you ship the Milestone build for the next release of the components (3.2) ?

We prefer to stick to stable code whenever possible. For most developers, the "next big thing" is not as important as a stable environment. For plug-ins that provide functionality that cannot be found elsewhere, we may ship beta or even alpha code.

Why don't you ship the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) in its entirety?

Although we love WTP, we think that it is not quite ready for a complete release. It does a lot of things, perhaps *too many things* for most developers. We believe that it makes more sense to provide the best features of WTP as individual modules.

Why don't you ship advanced projects such as TPTP?

We want to keep EasyEclipse simple for . Many developers are not yet fluent with the type of advanced functionality in TPTP. We will add more Eclipse projects as we have time and resources. For now we focus on plugins that are most useful for developers who are new to Eclipse or are learning how to use in a new context.

How can I do a "silent" command-line installation or uninstallation on Windows?

To make a silent distro installation, open a command prompt and use the "/S" option (asking for silent installation) and the "/D=<installation location>" option (to tell the installer where to install the distro).
For instance, to silently install EasyEclipse Desktop Java in the "C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1" directory, use:
easyeclipse-desktop-java-1.2.1.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1

The same options apply for a silent plugin installation. In that case, the installation location should point to an EasyEclipse installation.
To silently install EclipseME for EasyEclipse installed in the "C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1" directory, use:
easy-eclipseme-1.5.0.exe /S /D=C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1

The /S "silent" option is also available for silent distros and plugins uninstallations.
To silently uninstall EasyEclipse Desktop Java installed in the "C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1" directory, use:
C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1\uninstall-easyeclipse.exe /S

To silently uninstall a plugin, locate the uninstall-<plugin-version>.exe file in the following folder: <EasyEclipse installation location>\extensions\<plugin-version>/, and use the same /S option. For instance, to uninstall silently EclipseME, use:
cd C:\Program Files\EasyEclipse Desktop Java 1.2.1\extensions\eclipseme-1.5.0\ uninstall-eclipseme-1.5.0.exe /S