Euromath XML Editor

Edit and process XML documents visually.

Download Euromath XML Editor 1.4.0 for EasyEclipse 1.2.2:

(8.3MB)  (8.3MB)  (8.0MB)

Euromath is a very original editor for XML: you can edit XML files through a document metaphore rather than tag-based. It provides very rich rendering for XML document, including Formatting Objects (FOP), Scalable Vector Graphics. It uses XSLT transformation and FOP to render XSLT output. It is extendable by plugins for rendering, editing, auto-completion.

However, this plugin is far from stable, and not ready for everyday use; we list it here mostly for its very innovative and rich ideas.

There are currently 2 comments for this plugin. You can review them and add more here.

Installing this plugin

This plugin is not shipped in any distribution. You must manually install it on an EasyEclipse distribution.

The dependent plugin Eclipse Java Development Tools must be present in the EasyEclipse distribution you use, or must be installed separately.

This plugin can only run with Java 5. This excludes running on MacOS 10.3.

Getting started

To use Euromath2, the easiest way is to download the XML document examples (see below for URL). Unzip the example files in a new folder. Create an empty project (using File > New > Project, General > Project, and add the files by using File *gt; Import, General > File System. Then, you can open each document by right-clicking on it and selecting Open With > EuroMath2 XML Editor. If this option is not available, it is because EuroMath is not registered for this file extension: go in Windows > Preferences, General > Editors > File Associations , then add the file type (e.g. *.po or *.svg) in the File Types list, and add the EuroMath2 XML Editor for this type in the Associated Editors list below.

Useful links


Changes in EasyEclipse 1.2.1:

Changes in EasyEclipse 1.0.0:

Credits and License

Credits: Tomas Studva, Vyzivus

Copyright 1999-2006 Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius. Bratislava University.

This plugin is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 license.



Comment by Tomas Studva
2007-10-21 06:39:14

Euromath2 is looking for java developers. The only skill needed is java. All other you will learn. If you are interested, have some free time, like euromath2 ideas and don’t need to be paid for work, than you are welcome(you can contact me through sourceforge). First look on

Comment by Marian Hrehus
2008-10-13 23:23:03

Is the project still alive? I’ve read anywhere, you propse to join with the Vex project.

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